Hai Jazba to Watch Junoon Perform Again?

Our December just got a whole lot better! Ever since news of this year’s biggest concert swept across the nation, all of us have been in a bit of a frenzy! We rarely need an excuse to escape to Karachi for some fun but with this concert, it is now just a hop, skip and a swim away! We’ve already packed our bags to head out to the City of Lights! What are YOU waiting for?

Chalo, Chalo, Karachi Chalo!

After Junoon’s official comeback video with “Khudi” this Independence Day, Sooper is all set to bring to the world what undoubtedly is going to be THE event of 2018!

We honestly could not contain our excitement once they announced the date for the concert in a way that is honestly goosebumpy for us every time ; by bringing together nearly 500 bands to perform the country’s most loved song, “Hai Jazba Junoon”!

On 25 December 2018, Junoonis across the world are being called together to celebrate Pakistan with the music of one of the biggest Sufi rock bands in Pakistani music history. Christmas already arrived early it seems with the #SooperJunoon concert!

We Junoonis are getting the chance to experience #SooperJunoon at the DHA Sports Club (Moin Khan Academy) in Karachi and we expect that it is not going to be like any other musical event we’ve seen before in Pakistan from what we are hearing.

Witness the Concert of the Ages in K-Town!

The venue for the biggest concert of the year is guaranteed to give fans an amazing atmosphere with its special Bronze, Silver, Golden and Premium Lounges along with an exclusive “Ladies Only” enclosure labeled as the Pink Circle, ensuring safety for all attendees. In addition, we’ll also get to see well-known personalities dominate the stage with their live performances!

If you’re not in Karachi this 25th December, you’ll be missing out on seriously power-packed music. So pack your bags and head to Karachi NOW!

Peek Freans Sooper’s goal through such events, is to celebrate nationalistic pride and promote peace and harmony by spreading Quaid’s message of Unity – last year it was through a Guinness World Record and this year it’s being done through the impactful music of Pakistan’s biggest Sufi rock band, Junoon. And what better place to have this concert than the Quaid’s city itself – KARACHI!

The City of Lights is calling YOU!

Karachi winter, power-packed performances, a night with your favorite celebrities and a chance to relive the good old days – this is what Peek Freans Sooper is offering and such opportunities should definitely not be missed! Fans are also being offered an Early Bird Discount for the #SooperJunoon Concert, so don’t wait and head on over to http://yayvo.com/sooperjunoon to grab your tickets ASAP because an amazing night awaits us for sure!

UPDATE: Location of the event has changed from Airman Golf Club, Karachi to DHA Sports Club (Moin Khan Academy), Karachi.