Nothing can be more egalitarian than tea in this world. Royalty to reverends, peasants to pop stars, writers to workers, no one seems to escape its addiction. The most perfect class leveller ever invented – far more potent than democracy. Cleric and writer Sydney Smith, known for his wit, was rather grateful for tea: “Thank God for tea! What would the world do without tea! How did it exist? I am glad I was not born before tea.” 

If Pakistani teahouses were the famed spaces where intellectual debates happened and ideas were born, then roadside dhaabas were places people gathered to share life experiences, exchange political and social opinions. While teahouses became a memory –  recently replaced by swanky coffee houses – dhaabas still thrive as vibrant places frequented by labourers, workers, writers and journalists who are genuinely interested in the other side of Pakistan for a strong, signature cuppa.

Sensing the vibrancy as the connecting thread between The PinkTree ‘Serendiptea ‘ line and chai dhaabas, we decided to do this fashion story at one of the roadside dhaabas in Clifton, Karachi. The touch of gota on colourful prints makes this collection greatly suitable for dholkis/mayon and dinners during this wedding season.

Just as a good, strong cuppa can restore your hope and inject a sense of awakening, good clothes can elevate your spirits. As they say,  “Life is too short to drink a bad cup of tea and wear drab, blah clothes køb viagra.”


Label: The PinkTree Company 

Photography: Jaffer Hasan

Model: Sonia Nazir

Stylist: Amal Qadri 

Hair & Make-up: Nabila‘s N-Pro 

Jewellery: Kiran Fine Jewellery by Kiran Aman

Shoes: Soma 

Video & Digital: MindMap Communications