#BossLady is a collection designed for the woman of today – whether a student, a stay-at-home mom or a working professional. Says Seher Tareen, Founder and Creative Director, Studio S, “On a personal level, I was tired of the three-piece printed lawns being the only option for the summer. I wanted to provide the Pakistani woman with an alternative way to dress in the summer. #BossLady is the realization of that vision. It offers you smart and preppy prints such as tweed, plaid, checkered and striped prints with trimmings such as gold buttons and black neck-ties, designed in power suit-inspired cuts. I do believe the way we dress has an impact of the way we feel; it is a form of self-expression and inspiration. So let’s change the way we dress and let’s all be BOSS LADIES!”

The Real-Life Boss Ladies

“When it came to doing the shoot, it was important to capture the true spirit of the collection,” explains Seher. “I asked women who I admire in the field of fashion – stylists, editors and publishers – to model for me. They all did their own hair, makeup and styling and were photographed by me with an iPhone camera. These women are real-life boss ladies and I wanted their photos to be just as real – zero Photoshop!”

The collection consists of 21 shirt-kits, consisting of 2.5 metres of fabric and accessories such as zippers and buttons, as well as stitching instructions with complete measurements. Each shirt kit is priced at Rs. 2,750 and is available online at www.studiosdesigns.com