And just when we thought pan was a thing of the past reserved only for the old school folks, Panwari at Karachi Eat 2017 proved us wrong. The crowd around their kiosk featured the young and the old, ladies and gents, Chanel bags and Hermes sandals køb viagra. Credited with re-inventing the traditional betel-leaf delicacy, their pan leaves are carefully wrapped in silver gauze with silver coated cardamom filling and a variety of flavours ranging from the ethnic to the exotic; from good old saada khushboo and meetha pan to new ones like their famous mint pan, Nutellawari, peanut butter chocolate pan, date pan, caramel pan and seasonal ones such as the yuzu lemon pan, passion fruit, raspberry, blueberry, kiwi, pineapple, honey and almond flavoured pans. The signature Gold pan goes for PKR. 1000 a piece. If you missed the Panwaari pan at Frere Hall, make a trip to their shop in Bahadurabad. Good things sure do come in small packages; in this case, in neat little pyramid shaped ones.