Situated amongst thickly forested hills and named after the beautiful Neelum River that flows through its length, Neelum Valley in Azad Kashmir is famed for its scenic wonders.

What to do

Neelum Valley is a nature lover’s paradise. Its lush green forests have an abundance of deodar, pine and fir while its sparkling lakes provide opportunities for fishing and sightseeing. Explore the picturesque villages along the valley, such as Kel and Jagran, and take in the panoramic views of Kashmir’s majestic mountains.

Where to stay

The Pearl Continental Hotel in Muzaffarabad provides a convenient base for exploring the valley, which can be accessed via road. Day trips to various towns and attractions can be arranged through the hotel.

How to get there

Muzaffarbad, the starting point for a trip to Neelum Valley, is a 3-hour long drive from Murree via the Kohala-Muzaffarabad Road.