Located in the Gilgit-Baltistan province, about 40km from Gilgit, the valley is known for some of the most unspoilt and breathtaking views of nature, especially during the summer months, hence making this the perfect time to visit.

How to get there

Gilgit can be reached via airplane and jeeps are hired from there to make the journey to Naltar, which is approximately 2 hours long.

Where to stay

Naltar Valley is the ideal spot to unleash your adventurous spirit and go camping to soak in the beauty of this region – where snow-capped mountains, lush alpine forests and crystal clear blue lakes all come together.

What to do

Naltar is renowned for its three lakes known as the Bashkiri Lakes, which are reputed to have calm azure waters. Vente voiture export https://rachatvotrevoiture.com/vente-voiture-export/ The serenity of the lakes is best enjoyed by camping besides them for a night. The valley boasts lush green meadows and alpine forests in the summer and provides plenty of opportunities for trekking køb viagra.Naltar Valley