Dr Nilofer Mahdi, daughter of Syed Wajid Ali and President of the All Pakistan Music Conference, seeks to nurture and promote musical talent that has traditionally been located in Lahore’s Old City. She strives to revive the original music culture and talent that the city was once renowned for. Every month she hosts a beautiful mehfil at the Syed Wajid Ali Haveli giving performers a platform to display ancient music skills and showcase new vocal performers. It is a treat for cultural enthusiasts and music lovers alike, attracting the creme of Lahore.

Imran Peerzada
Dr. Nilofer Mahdi, President of the All Pakistan Music Conference
Captain Atta Muhammad Khan, Chief Executive of Lahore Art Council, with his family
Tehseen Sakeena
Justice Nasira Iqbal
Baba Ghulam Sarwar
Shahnaz Aijazuddin
Mano Bibi and Farida Ali Khan

Asad Ali Khan
Mohsin Faraz