Kumrat is a charming valley in the upper district of KPK in Pakistan. Located at the foothills of the Hindu Kush mountains, it is surrounded by Chitral to the north, Ayun Valley to the west, Kalam to the east, and Lower Dir to the south. It is known for its large deodar forests, green meadows and snow-clad mountain views.

How to get there
Daewoo operates daily buses to Swat. Once in Swat Valley, cars can be hired from Kalam in order to reach Thall, the small village that serves as the gateway to Kumrat. To reach Kumrat from Thall, a local jeep and driver can be hired.

Where to stay:
There are plenty of tent camps in the valley during peak season, and they generally offer similar facilities at similar rates. Basic food amenities are available at the tent camps but it is advisable to pack your own snacks as options are limited.

What to do:
Kumrat is known for its with lush green pastures, snow clad mountains, and deodar forests. One must visit the Panjkora river, the wooden canals in Thall, Jahaz Banda meadows and waterfall and the Do Kala stream.