Surrounded by the majestic Hindu Kush range, the Kalash Valley in Chitral is famed not only for its natural beauty but also the vibrant culture of its indigenous people, the Kalash, thought to be descendants of Alexander the Great.

Where to stay

Bamburet is the largest of the three valleys in the Kalash region and also the most picturesque. The PTDC Motel in Bamburet is quaint and charming, offering modern facilities and stunning views of the lush green mountainside.

What to do

Jeep safaris and trekking around Chitral will allow you to explore the remote yet stunning area. In Bamburet, do visit the Kalasha Cultural Centre, home to an impressive museum of Kalash artifacts. The people of the valley are extremely friendly and hospitable so a day spent walking around and mingling with the locals will be a rewarding experience.

How to get there

PIA runs daily flights from Islamabad and Peshawar to Chitral. Bamburet lies at a distance of roughly 40km from Chitral and the journey can be made in 2-3 hours via jeep.

Chilam Joshi Festival

The Kalash are known for their love of song and dance and the colourful festivals that dot their calendar annually. The Chilam Joshi Festival occurs every year in May. Held over 4 days, it is celebrated to thank their pastoral god for protecting their cattle and their fields. Milk is used in abundance as offering to the god as well as to baptize new-borns. The festivities conclude with the men and women gathering in the village centre and dancing to the beats of drums.