Deosai, also known as “the land of the giants,” is the second highest plateau in the world. Covered in snowfall most of the year, summer comes to the plains in July-September, when the melting snow reveals a land of lush beauty and serenity.

How to get there:

Deosai plains are located 30 kilometers from Skardu City and it takes approximately 2 to 3 hours to reach via jeep ride.

Where to stay:

Hotel One by Pearl Continental provides comfortable accommodation in Skardu, with all modern amenities. The hotel arranges jeeps for those wanting to go up to the plains.

What to do:

The Deosai National Park is renowned for its vast plains covered with lush wild grass, beautiful flowers and numerous lakes. Sheosar Lake makes for an ideal picnic spot and local authorities offer camping facilities for tourists to spend a night under the stars next to the pristine waters. There is an abundance of wildlife such as brown bears, snow leopards, red fox, the Himalayan ibex, golden eagles, vultures and falcons køb viagra.


Sheosar Lake, Deosai
Sheosar Lake