Cartagena is a port city on Colombia’s Caribbean coast. By the sea is the walled Old Town, founded in the 16th century, with squares, cobblestone streets and colourful colonial buildings. With a tropical climate, the city is also a popular beach destination.

How to get there:
Travel to Colombia from Pakistan via Emirates, with two stop-overs, one in Dubai and one in the USA, reaching your destination in a little over 24 hours.

Where to stay:
A standing testament to Colombia’s colourful history, Hotel Casa San Agustín’s three colonial-era buildings have been re-imagined as an urban boutique retreat. Look for clues to its rich Caribbean past in the timber beams and artfully preserved architectural details that liven up the impeccable contemporary decor. Every corner here, from the leafy patios to thecentrepiece pool, is designed to entice South America’s most discerning guests.

What to do:
Cartagena’s walled city is a historical gem and provides some of the best examples of preserved colonial architecture. It also features a wide array of bars, restaurants, shops and hotels. The San Felipe Castle is one of the city’s most famous landmarks, built in the 17th century to protect its residents from pirates. Explore the maze-like tunnels and enjoy the wonderful views of the city it provides. Not to be missed are Cartagena’s beaches, with their crystal clear waters and white sand. To feel like a local, visit the Mercado de Bazurto. This food market sells everything from fresh fruit to cooked turtle.