The Khanabadosh Baithak, a campsite and café located in the picturesque Shigar Valley, provides travellers a chance to experience nature at its finest.


Co-founders and nomadic duo, Ahmed Hassan and Baneen Mirza, who team up with Muhammad Mudassir to run retreat describe it thus:

“A band of divergents, we have come here in the mountains to live a dream. To breathe fresh air, to see the universe in the night sky and to live a simple life (Well… the kind that comes with WiFi) and also to tell our stories through travel interspersed with writing, music, photography, and performing arts.

… and since making tea and cooking for others gives us so much joy we thought to make a living of it. So here we are. Khanabadosh; inviting you to be our guest at our Baithak – where we can meet, eat, create, explore, tell stories, and collect a bagful of happy memories.” 


Nestled deep within the beautiful Shigar Valley, against the backdrop of majestic mountain peaks and set on the banks of a river, the Baithak is your ultimate mountain retreat, giving you a chance to sleep under a canopy of stars and enjoy nature at its finest.

The Baithak café serves traditional Balti cuisine 

as well delicacies that use the abundant local produce artfully, from walnuts to mulberries and cherries. The café is open to campers and drop-in visitors alike.

The campsite provides a truly communal experience as travellers gather collectively, whether at the breakfast table or around a nightly bonfire, and connections are forged inevitably.

As “experience curators” the folks at the Baithak regularly produce immersive experiences with the intention of imbuing lives with cultural richness. A two-day ‘melo’ featuring the faqirs of Bhit Shah and honouring their centuries-old musical tradition was held recently. An upcoming event is a yoga retreat by certified yoga teacher Ajlaan Raza Sayani.


April to November

For bookings contact:

[email protected]

+92 355 5731111