With the FIFA World Cup in full swing and the final match just round the corner now (on Sunday, July 15), football fever is raging high all across the world. Soccer enthusiasts are glued to their screens and following almost every match even the ones their countries are not playing.

With a sporting event as huge as FIFA, a local anthem is inevitable. After all, our team may not have made it to the grounds but Pakistan is being represented at every single match that is being played in Russia this year by TelStar 18- the official match ball of the 2018 FIFA World Cup produced in Pakistan’s Sialkot city.

“Dhak Dhak Goal” by Peek Freans Chocolicious is a great reminder of the inclusive spirit of football! With its powerful beats and catchy lyrics, the song has broken through the noise barrier and received much attention and applause. In fact, what’s amazing is to see football fanatics from different parts of the world gathered in Russia, chanting the chorus, “Dhak Dhak Goooaaaal”!!!

Here are 20 great things about “Dhak Dhak Goal” that we think make it a such a perfect fit for all viewers of the FIFA World Cup 2018 and why we love playing it on our screens over and over again:-

  • It reminds us of our undying love for Football
  • It sets the mood for the match.
  • It is uplifting especially at times when you need a little pick-me-up because the team you’re supporting is not scoring!
  • Shows how football is an inclusive game and has no limitations for age, gender, class, nationality and ethnicity.
  • Shows how football can bring people together and make them live in the moment.
  • The catchy lyrics celebrate the spirit of football
  • Shows how football keeps you alert and keeps you moving.
  • It captures football fever in Pakistan
  • It’s a great sporting video!
  • Shows the audience some really cool football tricks
  • It showcases different localities across different cities of Pakistan
  • Signifies the determination and talent that Pakistani players have to be able to represent their country on international platforms
  • Gives Pakistanis another reason to feel included in the FIFA world cup by chanting a local anthem.
  • Subtly shows the beauty and diversity of Pakistan too and a strong connection to football that its people have
  • Highlights the fact that football fans look up to these international players and are inspired by their style.
  • Motivates you to get off your couch and play.
  • Passion for Football > everything else in July 2018.
  • Team work makes the dream work
  • Encourages people to prove their love for football by taking to the streets
  • Shows us that all you need to really play football is a football- none of the trappings of a sport requiring too many items!