Not all those who wander are lost – musician and avid traveler Umair Jaswal’s latest series Easypaisa Raahi is the perfect testament to this adage. With 5 episodes of the travel series released so far, Easypaisa Raahi has been earning rave reviews for its stunning cinematography, slick production, excellent music score and last but not the least, Umair’s captivating story telling.

Umair has taken this extraordinary journey across Pakistan on his bike, connecting with old friends, making new ones, discovering cities and towns in a new light and telling various untold stories.

One of the major plus points of the series is the fact that it highlights Pakistan’s diversity without focusing solely on our beautiful Norther areas. In fact, the first five episodes have not even touched upon the North! They are all about the plains of Punjab and Sindh, their different cities and villages. Umair takes us on a soulful journey as he discovers regional food and local bazaars, the ancient monuments and the modern towns. Along the way, he meets a host of interesting people, such as Pakistan’s first female motorcyclist Zenith Irfan and rockstar Ali Azmat.

What sets Easypaisa Raahi apart is the unique blend of cinematography and narration it provides of both some of the most remote and some of the most dense destinations in the country. The show adds depth to a journey that is more than just a bike tour of the country, but a search for meaning, inspiration and beauty in unexpected places. Umair’s passions for the endeavor are obvious in his narration as he sets on his journey to fulfill his childhood dream.

Show like this have never been shot in Pakistan. Some of the scenes take the viewers’ breath away as they marvel at the spectacular beauty in the country (Gwadar beach shot shown in the trailer for example). Umair and Easypaisa have nailed the storytelling throughout. The fun bits, the soulsearching quotes, the serene landscapes, the little anecdotes, we love it all. It’s a show that you should add to your must-watch list! #easypaisaraahi