Self-care is subjective and can hold a different meaning for every individual.

Similarly, everyone has a different set of ambitions and ways to achieve their goal. The main idea of self-care, however, is to take time out for oneself and incorporate certain things in our daily routine that can help nourish the mind, body and soul.

In light of the same, fitness trainer and mother of one, Sehr Beg recently embarked on a self-care journey in collaboration with Peek Freans Whole Wheat Slices. She participated in a 42 kilometer marathon in Istanbul.

Peek Freans Whole Wheat Slices does not just endorse healthy food but has also become a strong advocate of a satisfying and healthy way of living over the years. It has given its brand a redefined meaning, where the focus lies not just on the product but on providing a fulfilling lifestyle to its customers too.

Sehr shared her preparation for the Istanbul Marathon, which she chose as part of her self-care journey to unwind from her otherwise hectic schedule. She stressed on the importance of making self-care one’s utmost priority for a wholesome living.

Peek Freans Whole Wheat Slices joined forces with the fitness trainer to spread the message of personal happiness through self-care. In a life where we are all busy looking after others and running endless chores, it is important to take time out for ourselves because it is only when our body is healthy and our mind is fresh that we start living our life to the fullest. As an all-rounder, Sehr understands the importance of self-care and the responsibility to spread its awareness.

– Aysha Ahmed